Australian Politics – The Price Of Carbon: Greg Combet Quits Politics

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Greg Combet (Former Australian Government Minister For Climate Change And Energy Efficiency)

Greg Combet (Former Australian Government Minister For Climate Change And Energy Efficiency)

The latest to jump from the Australian Labor Government ship:

GREG Combet will quit politics at the next election in the latest high profile departure from the Rudd Government.

Anointed by Bob Hawke as a future Labor leader, the [former] Climate Change Minister made the announcement late this afternoon…

“My reasons are personal and are not attributable to the change in the leadership of the Labor Party this week, although this has provided a catalyst for my decision.”

Also quitting at the election:

Julia Gillard

Stephen Smith, Defence Minister

Nicola Roxon, former Attorney General

Craig Emerson, former Trade Minister

Martin Ferguson, former Resources Minister

Robert McClelland, former Attorney General

Chris Evans, former Government Leader in the Senate

Peter Garrett, former School Education Minister.

All were in the Ministry just two years ago, but are bailing.

Smell of death.

But this is also the price of carbon. Add two more resignations this past week – Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott – and the retirement of Greens leader Bob Brown, then only one of the six who negotiated the carbon tax just three years ago is left in politics, Senator Christine Milne, Greens Party Leader, seen at the left in this image:


Global warming isn’t a threat to the planet. It is a threat to politicians who fall for the scare.

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