Climate Change Australia – Be Angry Instead At The Angry Summer Scaremongers

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

David Karoly, whose much-ballyhooed co-authored paper claiming unprecedented warning in Australasia was so error-riddled it had to be withdrawn, tries a fresh scare:

MAN-MADE climate change is likely to have played a role in the “angry” summer Australians endured this year, researchers say…

Study co-author David Karoly said the chance of Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide eventually experiencing 50 degree Celsius days “are quite high” due to ongoing climate change.

But Bob Tisdale checks the temperature records for summer against what the climate models predicted and finds a big, big gap:


As illustrated, … there wasn’t anything unusual about the land surface temperature for the 2013 season. The other thing that really stands out is the fact that, based on the linear trends, summertime surface temperatures haven’t warmed since 1979. The linear trends are basically flat. On other hand, the models show that summertime land surface temperatures should have warmed at a rate of about 0.22 to 0.236 deg C per decade. Oops, they missed yet again.

Tisdale adds:


That’s not to say that Australia land surface temperatures haven’t warmed since 1979. The monthly data shows that Australia land surface temperatures warmed at a rate of about 0.07 deg C per decade. However, the models show that if greenhouse gases were responsible for the warming, Australia land surface temperature anomalies should have warmed at a rate that’s more than 3 times faster. The modelers still overshot the mark by a sizeable amount.

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