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Today’s music video is Baby Driver, sung here in this clip by the legendary American duo, Paul Simon and Arthur Garfunkel.

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This video was posted to You Tube by TheStylishKen1Bridge Over Troubled Water

So many times I’ve mentioned in my regular Sunday Music Posts how I originally purchased an album, mainly for the one song that may have become a hit, and then found that there were other songs on the album that I liked better than the one that prompted me to get hold of the album.

That was the case with this famous album, Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon And Garfunkel.

Originally, I purchased the album for the one song, not the title track that was the huge hit from the album, but for the song The Boxer, which now, almost 44 years after it was originally released, is still one of my favourite all time songs.

The Boxer was originally released in early 1969 and released as a Single, and was a hit for the now famed duo. It was then included on this Monster album, released in early 1970, and the title song became an absolutely huge hit.

As much as I like the Bridge song, I much preferred The Boxer for its wonderful lyrics, combined so beautifully with the music, especially Paul’s wonderful guitar work.

I was not alone in getting hold of this album, as it was absolutely huge, and purchased by literally millions on release.

Unlike some albums, those I may only have liked perhaps 4 or 5 tracks on the album, I really liked every song on this album. It was just perfect, in every respect. The usual harmonies you came to expect from two voices that gelled together so perfectly, combined with wonderful music, and lyrics that were just so spot on.

As with all my albums, rather than continually play them on my record player, and running the risk of scratching the precious vinyl, I would almost immediately tape the album, put the album with my collection and then just play the tape when I wanted to listen to the music.

Each song on the album was a revelation as I listened to it that first time.

The song immediately following The Boxer, which is track one on side two, is the song I have featured today, Baby Driver. which happened to be the flip side song on the Single release of the song when it was originally released.

Years earlier, I had spent what came to a large sum on a really good stereo sound system, and when I first listened to this song, I noticed the stereo effect of the car sounds you hear in this song. These sounds were taken from the Drag Races, and featured one of the large Dragsters featured at these events, and at the time, like a lot of young men, I would suppose, I was a fan of the Drags, and I would often go to them at our local Car Racing Track, which featured a full sized International Drag Strip.

As I listened to this track, Baby Driver, I noticed the full stereo effect of the dragsters as it rolled from the start line, and the effect on this record was that the noise effect rolled from one speaker across to the next, an almost perfect simulation of an actual Drag run.

On hearing this, the first thing I did when that side finished playing was to play that whole side again, only this time, with my good stereo headset in place.

Expectantly waiting for this song, and that effect, it became really noticeable part way through as the effect rolled from one headphone to the other. It was especially noticeable in the closing part of the song which features a complete run from a Dragster from the revving up just prior to the start and then the full and very short run down that quarter mile.

The wonderful sound effect starts in the one ear, and seems to roll right across the top of your head as you listen to this drag run.

Other than this song, which song on the album do you single out as the best. They were all so good.

Four songs from the album were released as Singles and all of them made it into the Top Ten.

Paul and Art even included a cover on the album, a reprise of Bye Bye Love, originally released in 1957 by another famed American duo, Don and Phil, The Everly Brothers, and I liked this new version even better than the original.

Without doubt, my favourite song from the album will always be The Boxer, but all songs on the album are just so wonderful.

I’m not Robinson Crusoe when it comes to owning a copy of this album, as it has sold more than 25 Million copies over the years, and it was so popular that it was the biggest selling album for 1970, 71, and 72, and on the back of those sales, became the biggest selling album of all time, only surpassed later by Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The album won two Grammy Awards, and the title track won a further four Grammy Awards.

As an album, it’s still one of my all time favourites. It’s hard to believe that it was only their fifth Studio album, and also turned out to be their last album together.

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