Global Yawning

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~Global Warming Hoax

Tony Thomas says people no longer seemed fussed by warnings that the planet’s very survival is threatened by our gasses and humans could be wiped out:

What fun! I have just voted in a global poll being conducted by the United Nations to discover what the people of the world care most about. I was global voter Number 623,813 and the 9246th voter from Australia…

The results of the poll to date are that worldwide, we people of the world view the fight against climate change as the least important of 16 issues suggested by the UN. Top-voted issue for importance worldwide is “better job opportunities”, second is “a good education”, and the lower-ranked issues are “better health care”, “affordable and nutritious food”, “support for people who can’t work”, and so on.

Whichever way you slice and dice the results, the climate-change fight is more or less bottom-ranked globally out of the 16 causes. Male voters: bottom. Female voters: bottom. Aged 34-or-under, bottom. Aged 35-54, second-bottom. Over 55, second bottom.

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