Memorial Day – A Time to Consider If We Want Our Remaining Freedom – Video

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Memorial Day – A Time to Consider How Much More of Our Freedoms Do We Want to Give Up

I just saw this video and thought this is an appropriate video for this Memorial Day.

Let’s honor those who have fought and even died for our freedom, by not giving away any more of our Freedoms to those we’ve elected to serve us.

What good will it be for us and our Great Country if we citizens allow those we elected to “tickle our ears” with what we want to hear but we don’t pay attention to their actions.

We will have disgraced the noble souls who labored and fought and died to prevent enemies from other countries from taking away our Freedoms, our Liberty, if we blatantly throw away those Freedoms, those Liberties, by giving them to those inside our country who promise us anything as long as they can control our lives. Now’s the time to make a stand for your remaining Freedoms.

Remember: The price of freedom (liberty) is eternal vigilance.

  Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.

A New Germany (1933-1939)

If the video isn’t working please click on A New Germany (1933-1939)