In Worst Week Of Obama’s Presidency CNN Publishes Poll Saying His Job Approval Rose

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By virtually any measure, with three scandals exploding on the White House, last week had to be the worst of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Despite this, CNN – the self-described most trusted name in news – released a poll Sunday finding the current White House resident’s job approval rose two points since April and a full six points since March.

According to this poll – released in time for Candy Crowley to begin her State of the Union program touting the numbers – 53 percent of respondents approve of the job Obama’s doing. This compared to 51 percent in April and 47 percent in March.

The poll was taken Friday and Saturday.

As such, despite the ongoing scandal of Benghazi as well as new ones involving the Internal Revenue Service and the Associated Press, CNN pollsters found more Americans approving of Obama’s job performance than they did in prior months.

One could certainly question the methodology as the sample included 24 percent Republicans, 33 percent Democrats, and 43 percent Independents. But this is basically the same as the March poll.

So what could possibly explain such an increase in the president’s approval after his worst week in office?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Noel Sheppard is the Associate Editor of NewsBusters.

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