Australia’s Climate Change Minister Greg Combet Sweats In Hot Climate, Abusing Everyone But Himself

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Greg Combet (Australian Government Minister For Climate Change And Energy Efficiency)

Greg Combet (Australian Government Minister For Climate Change And Energy Efficiency)

The Climate Change Minister sounds under pressure:

Senior cabinet minister Greg Combet has attacked some of his Labor Party colleagues as ‘’whingers’’ in an angry and expletive-laden speech to supporters and donors

At a party fund-raising dinner last Monday, Mr Combet delivered a withering critique of the doomsayers in his own party, insisting too many people were displaying a defeatist attitude in this election year…

‘’He dropped the F-word and said quite forcefully that there were two things that were really starting to bug him,’’ the contact said.

‘’Those two things were people saying Labor doesn’t know what it stands for and that the election is all over. And it’s worse when it is Labor people saying that.’’

If the Labor Government people are saying that, Greg, maybe it’s because it is true.

After all, isn’t Combet the minister who last week says the carbon compensation he’d promised wasn’t now going to be paid, because the European carbon permit price he said wouldn’t fall has done just that?

Doesn’t that mean that our own carbon price, which Combet said had to be at least $23 to change people’s behaviour, will be allowed to fall to levels where it won’t?

And this is the man now complaining even his own sign has no idea what it stands for?

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