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Today’s music video is Journey Through The Past, sung here in this clip by the Canadian singer songwriter Neil Young.

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Again I find I’m playing another video from my favourite artist, Neil Young.

This song is taken from the special he did for BBC TV whilst in the UK in 1971. This tour was mainly to promote his album After The Gold Rush, and was an extension of the tour through Canada and the U.S. While he was on this tour, he wrote a whole lot of new music, and more often than not, played the new songs more than the older ones that concert goers might have come to hear. That was neither here nor there as fans had come to realise that nearly anything Neil wrote was worth listening to.

Most of the new songs found their way onto the new album, Harvest, which turned out to be Neil’s best selling album, and produced his only Number One Hit, Heart Of Gold.

Neil was notoriously proud of his home Country Canada, and whilst on tour, he missed his home. That was the germ that gave him the idea to write this wonderful song, Journey Through The Past.

Early in 1972, that new album, Harvest was released. This song was not on that album. Later that same year, Neil released the soundtrack to a film he was working on. That film was actually titled Journey Through The Past, but while the album was a Double LP with 14 songs, this song was not one of them, and the film was almost a documentary of Neil’s musical life with the bands he had been with and also of his solo career.

Neil Young Time Fades AwayThis song still could not find a place on any of the next studio albums Neil recorded, and it wasn’t until 1973 that this song finally did make it onto an album, the live set Time Fades Away, mainly live recordings of songs not released on any other albums.

It’s a pity really, because, while I have a large number of Neil Young’s songs that I like, this would be on any short list of favourites of his huge number of songs he has written over the years. I’m just glad it finally was released on an album, as this is one song that definitely has to heard.

It’s sometimes difficult to believe just how prolific Neil has been over the years.

Prior to his solo career, he was with Buffalo Springfield and then he was in partnership with David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, and he did a number of albums with both of those outfits.

His solo career list of albums is impressive to say the least. He has released 63 albums in all, and of those, 37 of them have been studio albums, averaging almost one new studio album a year since his first, released in 1968.

In all, he has released 60 Singles over the years, so to call him prolific is probably even an understatement.

While Harvest, (the title song from the album of the same name) and Old Man,will always be my favourite songs of his, this song featured today would be there amongst a short list of my most favourite songs he has written.

While some say his voice is whiny at times and hard to listen to, I have never thought that at all, and every time I hear one of his songs, I know instantly who it is.

His lyrics have always been so well done, and this song is just one of those where the lyrics so match his feeling at the time.

As I mentioned, this song was written while on tour, and this was most probably the first time he played this song to an audience. The lyrics were altered slightly for the later released version, and in this case, that tiny change was only one word.

I will stay with you
if you’ll stay with me,
Said the fiddler to the drum,
And we’ll keep good time
on a journey thru the past.

Journey Through The Past is a song not many people would think of when Neil Young is mentioned, but it is still such a beautiful song.

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