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Today’s music video is Road To Nowhere, sung here in this clip by the American band Talking Heads.

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I came to appreciate music in the 60’s and 70’s and because of that I wasn’t all that keen on what came to be known as the New Wave music genre that started in the late 70’s. Some of it I did like, but I really just couldn’t get into it.

However, this is one song from that genre of music that I really did like, and oddly, this song came almost at the end of that genre.

This band, Talking Heads had been around for a while, since 1977, and today’s featured song is from their sixth studio album, Little Creatures, which was released in 1985.

David Byrne was the guitarist and lead singer for the band which was notable as one of the early bands to incorporate a woman in the band as an instrumentalist rather than the usual singer, and in this band, that was Tina Weymouth, who played the Bass guitar.

As with most of the music that came from this time, there was the usual accompanying video clip, and most of those videos from this genre were minimalist by nature, and Byrne himself thought that the song was somewhat simplistic and maybe even a little monotonous, so he added the group of people at the front end of the video and in the closing scene as well. The rest of the video is a little simplistic, again almost the opposite of videos that came before and then after this genre, videos that were structured and comprehensive by nature.

The song is catchy and again, that’s probably why it was popular, while quite a lot of music from the New Wave/Punk era was almost, well, average.

The song charted reasonably well, but it was a bigger hit in Europe than it was in the band’s homeland, the U.S.

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