Liberal Broadcast Networks Censoring Sen. Reid’s ‘Rancid’ Link Of Marine Deaths To Sequester

Posted on Thu 03/21/2013 by


Brent BozellBy Brent Bozell ~SPN_harry_reid

A Marine Corps official accuses the Senate majority leader of “pure political posturing on the backs of these dead Marines” and the networks whistle right by it. There is no question what Harry Reid is implying during his disgraceful remarks on the Senate floor. He links the sequester to the deaths of seven Marines, and ABC, CBS, and NBC censor the story by giving it ZERO seconds of coverage.

His conduct is disgusting, and so is theirs.

How much rancid sequester garbage can the liberal media willingly swallow from the Democrats before they explode? If the press had any integrity, Reid would have to barricade the door of his office to hide from their questions and cameras. Instead they’ve turned a blind eye to the Democratic leader’s remarkably insensitive and misleading comments.

The American people and the brave fighting men and women who protect them deserve better from Reid, and they deserve better from the media.

L. Brent Bozell III is the President of the Media Research Center .

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