Breaking News Australia – Possible New Leader – Crean Calls For Spill

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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

TonyfromOz prefaces…..

This is all happening right now as I write this, and it’s happening faster than I can keep up with. There has been a call for a change in Leadership of the Australian Labor Party, and this is effectively a vote for Prime Minister of Australia, as the Leader of that Party is the Prime Minister. Either way, this only further destabilises the Government, as there are three Independents who vote with the Government so it has a majority, and if the Leadership changes then those Independents say that the deal only applies with Julia Gillard as the Leader.

I can keep writing information here, but it will only be a copy of what is being written at the following site, which is providing a live feed as it is all happening.

Australian Labor Government Leadership Crisis

The following is the Post from Andrew Bolt that explains in part what brought this all on.

Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The leadership showdown is on. Simon Crean is calling a leadership spill. He will stand for a leadership position, and calls on Kevin Rudd to break his word and challenge.

They cannot go on like this, he says.

It seems the Rudd/Crean fix is in.


No, there is no deal.

Crean says Rudd has another deputy in mind, but Crean is putting himself as deputy – presumably as a watchdog to see if Rudd really has changed.


Crean says Gillard is refusing to call a spill. MPs must petition her.

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