Australia’s Climate Commissioner Flannery’s Heat Wave Versus A Reader’s Snow

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~Stop Global Warming

Australia’s Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery did not hesitate to hail weather as climate after a heat wave in Australia:

What we’re seeing is a whole slew of new records, new territory, new climatic territory, which we’re seeing in Australia and the US and in the Arctic. And that’s part of a longer trend…

Reader Andrew challenges Flannery:

Here I am stuck in Germany , in Worms actually, and I am snowbound.

I cannot leave my hotel. All this in mid March (I am particularly annoyed as I am stuck in a rather dreary hotel here.

Now I am very serious about this. I will donate $5000.00 to Prof Tim Flannery if he, on behalf of the Climate Commission, will fly to England and explain to them at a public meeting his proof that the world is warming, (If you or he doubt my bona fides then I will pay that sum into a bank account to be paid to him when he agrees).

I am sure he would be a big hit in England where it has had the coldest March day in 26 years.

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