The Evil and Corrupt in America Hurts Veterans as Their Control Grows $tronger

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PatPacerAmerica speak up, stand up, and stop being terrorized by the corrupt Liberals’ use of racism as  the tool allowing PP_Evil+Corrupt-InAmericaHurtsVets_1your neighborhood to become overrun by undocumented trash because you fear being called a racist!  What is happening today in our country is a slap in the face to every American citizens and veterans of all races, religions, and color.

In May of 2008 I wrote from my backyard an article titled Veterans vs Amnesty on the horror of veterans sleeping under bridges as the undocumented breed in comfort, and the corrupt renting out the house next-door.


A very ex-friend of mine always bragged about the money he was saving by hiring illegals and (of course) what great workers they are (home-depot regional management). He then arranged for some of them to work on and clean his mother-in-law’s small business. Then they were hired to do the lawn work at their homes. Actually, the only American they still use is the pool guy. But give the illegals a bit more time and they will ‘pool’ enough cash together to invest in some pool cleaning equipment.

Presently for veterans it is Déjà vu, while here the undocumented now provides cliental for the mother-in-laws dubious business.  What really takes the cake is President Obama’s polices are taking away needed funds used to help veterans receive education, and handing your tax money to the children of undocumented aliens for their education! 

PP_Evil+Corrupt-InAmericaHurtsVets_2Such a beautiful day on Saturday, that is, until a flatbed tow truck dumped this junker under my computer room window. Would you like the area around your home to be used as a body shop?  A few years ago I had just purchased a medical device to help

with a bad back called Back2Life. The machines instructions, repeatedly emphasizes the need to be in a relaxed state while you are using it.  The ass-kissed undocumented for eternity neighbor here, is constantly fixing their smashed up junk vehicles, this particle junk with the gold door handles first arrived here in Pa. with Florida plates and was driven by a young dude whom spoke no English.  When I went next door to try and ask for the noise to be kept down, I found out he could pronounce every single female body part, in an accented perfect English, as he tried to run me over with this car! Seeing the car here every day is a nightmare. The old dude that was changing the tire on Saturday was back then doing major body work replacing the hood, and side panel of another junk car which was smashed up in yet another accident.  That time I had called Duryea’s finest to ask that the body work be stopped next-door, only to have the officer come here, and tell me these renters could do whatever they wanted to do, and that there was nothing I could do to stop them (they rent from the Pittston, PA crime family). I own my home and pay taxes to pay the salary of the corrupt.

Needless to say, the next day I was up early using the Back2Life machine after a night of hearing the eerie theme song from the worst horror movie ever; a party of them drunk yelling in non-English the night before.  The back machine was running not even five minutes when the pounding on the smashed cars quarter panel started, and today I am in a wheelchair, and still listening to, and seeing much more of the same. With the same corrupt running towns, cities, boroughs, courts, judges, and the undocumented cheap labor cliental of the business from hell next-door.  They just keep breeding as they buy up or rent in distressed areas, after floods or in the death of an elder sibling.  With the deceased’s elder family members still living in their own homes, merely existing on a lousy $600 a month social security check, wind up selling their siblings older home for a few thousand dollars.  These are the same taxpayers whom merely exist because of their homes outrageous school taxes used for the citizen children of the undocumented. Add the three ludicrous sewer bills while, and as was with next door, at times over 20 some damn employed people residing inside. Damn crooks renting out properties for their own selfish greed, while hurting the lifelong residents who watch as their American dream becomes a living nightmare!

Freedom Ain’t Free!