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Today’s music video is Daydream, sung here in this clip by the American band The Lovin’ Spoonful.

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The Lovin' SpoonfulThis is such a wonderfully happy song. It’s from late in 1966, and was written by the leader of this band John Sebastian. The song is taken from their second album, which shared the same name as the Single, Daydream, and was quite a big hit for the band, almost making it to Number 1, topping out at Number 2. The year earlier, in 1965, the band had two Top Ten hits from their first album, and the band was popular across the U.S.

This song Daydream, was probably one of the most recognised songs from the mid/late 60’s at a time when the British Invasion was in full swing, so having a popular band with wholly U.S. roots was almost a rarity. The song was also a big hit here in Australia. The popularity of the song is reinforced by the number of times it has been covered by other artists and bands, numbering more than 20 from a avarity of artists and also from many different music genres.

The Lovin’ Spoonful  did finally have a Number One Hit, later that same year, 1966, with Summer In The City, from their fourth album, and while the band was prolific, with seven albums in four years, they were short lived, breaking up in 1969.

John Sebastian went on to have a reasonably successful solo career, and in 1976 he had a welcome return to the top of the pop charts with a solo Number One Hit.

The song was Welcome Back. ABC television had plans for a new Sitcom TV series, based loosely around stand up comic Gabe Kaplan’s humour, especially from his time at school in Brooklyn. Kaplan had huge success with his stand up routine, some of it released on an album Holes And Mello Rolls, and ABC planned a TV Comedy based around that humour. The series was tentatively titled Kotter. ABC wanted a theme song for the program, and they wanted something sounding like the music produced in the late 60’s by The Lovin Spoonful.

So, with that in mind, they approached John Sebastian and asked him to write the theme. The result was Welcome Back, and ABC was so impressed, they actually changed the name of the series to Welcome Back Kotter.

While the song was written for TV, it was just one verse and a chorus, quite short, and Sebastian added an extra verse and a short break in the middle with some harmonica. Released as a single at the same time as the TV show appeared, the song rode on the back of the initial huge popularity of the series, and the song rode all the way to the top of the National Charts, peaking at Number One.

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