NewsBusted – 13-064 – Video

Posted on Wed 03/06/2013 by


Topics in today’s show:

– Last Friday, the Sequester Budget Cuts became law.

– Right after the Sequester Budget Cuts became law, President Obama graciously gave the Republicans a 7 minute meeting.

– During the Sequester debate, President Obama stated emphatically that he is not a Dictator.

– Liberals warned that the Sequester cuts would be painful and they were right, as barely seconds after the 2% spending cut became law, America was struck by locust plagues affecting women and minorities the most.

– A New study shows that 50% of America’s pets are obese, and on hearing this, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned 32 ounce containers of Kibble.

– Authorities have said that in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many registered sex offenders have disappeared.

Starring: Jodi Miller
Director: Bruce Roundtower
Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield

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