Memo To Global Warmists: Australia Is Not The Whole World

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~Global Warming meltdown

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology hypes up the global warming scare:

When it comes to averages over time, January 2013 was the hottest month recorded in the entire observational record for Australia, stretching back to 1910 (the first year for which we can confidently estimate national temperatures)…

Australia has warmed by nearly a degree Celsius since 1910. This is consistent with warming observed in the global atmosphere and oceans. And it’s going to keep getting hotter. Over the next century, the world will likely warm by a further 2 to 5 degrees, depending on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

But Australia is not the globe – and we are talking about global warming. Not Australian warming or German warming.

Professor Ole Humlum summarises the global temperatures for the globe and … gosh, what warming?:

January 2013 global surface air temperatures

General: On average, global air temperatures were near the 1998-2006 average, although with big regional differencesThe Northern Hemisphere was characterised by big temperature contrast from one region to another. Most of Europe, Russia, western Siberia, mid Canada and western USA had temperatures below average. Easternmost Siberia, Alaska and NW Canada had relatively warm conditions. The marked limit between warm and cold areas over the Arctic Ocean represents an artefact derived from the GISS interpolation technique and should be ignored.

Near Equator temperatures conditions were near or below the 1998-2006 average. However, central Africa had above average temperatures.

The Southern Hemisphere was mainly at or below average 1998-2006 conditions.
The only important exceptions to this is represented by southern Africa and Australia, which experienced temperatures above the 1998-2006 average. The Antarctic continent was near or slightly above the temperature average.

The global oceanic heat content has been rather stable since 2003/2004

Why didn’t the Bureau say so?

(Thanks to Jo Nova.)

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