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Today’s music video is You’re No Good, sung here in this clip by Linda Ronstadt.

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Linda Ronstadt Heart Like A WheelAny debate over beautiful singing voices can be a long and emotive one, but one name on that list would have to be the singer of today’s featured song, Linda Ronstadt. Her voice has an enduring quality that has never dimmed down through the many years she has been recording and performing.

Blessed with a stunning beauty, it soon became obvious that her voice was perhaps even more stunning than her inherent beauty.

She has recorded across many genres, and has been recognised in every one of those genres as a master. Her list of achievements is one that would make any other singer envious, male, female, or band. She has won 11 Grammy Awards, (and she also has 17 Grammy nominations besides those she has won) an Emmy Award, and nominations for a Tony Award, and also a Golden Globe, so besides her singing achievements, she has also excelled in other areas as well. Her list of recordings is a large one, 29 Studio Albums, (most of them certified as Gold or Platinum)  numerous Compilation Albums, and 63 Singles. 38 of those Singles have charted in the Mainstream National Charts, 21 of them inside the Top 40, 10 inside the Top Ten, 3 of them at Number Two, and one chart topping Number One, the song I have featured today.

On top of that Linda has also appeared on more than 120 other albums from other artists and bands.

She started singing and recording in the mid 60’s, with Bobby Kimmel and Kenny Edwards, forming a band called The Stone Poneys. They had a monster hit in late 1967 with a cover of the Mike Nesmith song Different Drum.

She started her solo career in 1969, developing a Contry rock style similar to what Eagles were also developing. From 1972/3 onwards she was established as one of the leading female recording artists. Although it may seem to be her breakthrough album, Don’t Cry Now was her fourth studio album.

Here huge album was her next album, Heart Like A Wheel, which gave Linda her only Number One Smash Hit, and another that made it to Number Two, from the album that went to Number One and is now Double Platinum.

From that point forward, her albums always sold well, and she had two more Number One Albums, and a further 7 inside the Top Ten Albums.

Today’s featured song is one that showed up a small quirk that I couldn’t quite put my finger on at first. I remember the song well from radio, and also from my copy of the vinyl album, and when I went searching for a clip to feature for today, all of them sounded somehow different from what I remembered. Each live version I found of the song and there are numerous ones of those, was somewhat different from that studio version. Linda’s voice still soars the same on each of the clips, but every one of those clips has a different guitar section in the middle of the song. It’s odd really. It doesn’t detract from the song in any way, because after all you’re playing it for that wonderful voice.

The studio version has what I might think of a s a more complete guitar section in the middle. Well, anyway, that’s the one I am more accustomed to hearing and that can be shown by listening to this studio version at the following link. The studio version is also almost a minute longer than the live versions, so that would somewhat explain this minor difference.

You’re No Good.

The song was actually written by Clint Ballard in 1963, and was recorded that same year by both Dee Dee Warwick and Betty Everett, both soul singers, and both had minor hits with the song.

While there are just so many wonderful songs I can feature from Linda Ronstadt, it’s worth going back to her first hit, Different Drum with The Stone Poneys from 1967.

What a beautiful voice.

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