NewsBusted – 13-050 – Video

Posted on Tue 02/19/2013 by


Topics in today’s show:

– Liberals all over Cable TV and social media mocked Marco Rubio for taking a sip of water during his State Of The Union rebuttal.

– During his State Of The Union speech, President Obama claimed that none of his proposals would add one dime to the deficit.

– Pope Benedict has announced that he will be retiring.

– The Carnival cruise ship was brought back to Alabama after passengers were adrift for days with no food and no power.

– Legless Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius was arrested for murder after allegedly shooting his girlfriend dead.

– President Obama’s Justice Department says it’s legal to target U.S. citizens with Drone attacks.

Starring: Jodi Miller
Director: Bruce Roundtower
Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield

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