Australia’s Ex Greens Senator Bob Brown Blames Queensland Coal – Again – For The Floods

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Former Australian Greens Party Leader, Senator Bob Brown.

Former Australian Greens Party Leader, Senator Bob Brown.

Repeat offender Bob Brown and a Greens candidate blame coal exports for Queensland’s floods and demand the $40 billion a year export industry be restricted:

Former Greens leader Bob Brown joined Queensland Greens’ federal election candidates in Brisbane today to demand a stop to the state’s massive coal export expansion.

Dr Brown said coal was a major contributor to global warming that eminent scientists around the world (see ) were blaming on extreme weather events like those Queenslanders faced this week and two years ago.

He joined the Queensland Greens lead Senate candidate, Adam Stone and candidate for the seat of Brisbane, Rachael Jacobs to highlight the need for drastic action to avoid more human suffering in the quest for the mighty dollar.

Mr Stone said coal was Australia’s biggest contributor to climate change and Queenslanders were suffering its impacts now.

Brown,Jacobs and Stone should demonstrate what difference stopping further coal exports will make to global temperatures and what difference that in turn will make to floods in Australia – floods which have in fact been a permanent feature of our climate.  They should then show us how any damage then averted outweighs the damage done by crippling a massive industry that provides jobs and wealth.

But I guess that’s too brain-hurting for a Green…

So is looking up the records to see if global warming (which has paused for more than a decade) can actually be said to have made Queensland floods worse. In fact, Bureau of Meteorology data suggest no increase in floods for Brisbane:


Yes, there is, it seems, a small increase in Queensland rainfall, but I doubt farmers would complain:


Has Brown explained to farmers that he has a plan for less rain?

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