Who Do You Trust? A Warmist Or Your Lying Eyes?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian Climate Change Minister Greg Combet, November 2011:

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet backed climate adviser Ross Garnaut’s judgment that Australia was falling behind the world’s biggest economies in dealing with climate change and said it was ‘’absolute rubbish’’ to suggest it was acting ahead of the world…

Government advice says China leads the world in renewable energy investment, has shut some of its most polluting coal plants and plans to tax coal, oil and gas extraction in its western provinces. The US Congress had rejected emissions trading, but more than 10 US states and Canadian provinces plan to introduce a joint scheme in 2012.

‘’I think the argument that we’re out ahead of China and the US is fallacious,’’ Mr Combet said.

Environmentalist Geoff Russell in The Punch, June 2012:

China understands the accelerating rate of climate change and its human and environmental impacts and is acting accordingly.

The Climate Bridge group, October 2012:

Individuals ask ‘what is the point?’ of reducing their own carbon footprints, when ‘dirty’ China is belching out greenhouse gases without limit.

However, as demonstrated by the recent Climate Bridge report ‘Carbon Markets and Climate Policy in China: China’s pursuit of a clean energy future”, released in collaboration with the Climate Institute, these excuses are no longer valid. China is taking ambitious measures to tackle climate change…

For Australia, the realisation that it is being soundly beaten by China in the global clean technology race should be a call to action.

Chief Cimate Commissioner Tim Flannery, November 2012:

China leads the world in renewable energy with the most installed renewable power and the largest investment in 2011.

Beijing smog, January 2013:


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