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Today’s music video is Silvery Moon, sung here in this clip by the Australian band Sherbet.

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In the 1970’s Sherbet was the biggest band in Australia, and they shared that position with Skyhooks. They had a succession of pop music hits from 1970 until 1984, the band had 20 charting hit Singles which included two National Number Ones, and 10 albums that achieved either Platinum or Gold selling status. They were the first Australian band to achieve sales of One Million Dollars in Singles and Album sales, no mean feat in a Country as small, relatively, as Australia at that time.

They were extremely popular with their target audience, mainly young girls. Regulars on Australia’s TV Music show Countdown, the band were known for catchy lyrics with a tight music backing. They had an extremely gifted and prolific song writing team of Garth Porter on Keyboards and Clive Shakespeare on Guitar.

Sherbet SlipstreamToday’s featured song is from their third album, Slipstream, released in 1974. This album spent 35 weeks in the album charts and made it as high as Number 3. Two singles were lifted from the album, the title track, Slipstream, and today’s featured song Silvery Moon. I have the album in my own collection, and this is probably some of the best music to come out of the 1970’s here in Australia. While still popular with their target audience, this album marked their move to appeal to a wider base. Both Porter and Shakespeare were at their songwriting best.

This clip is taken from that Australian TV music show, the icon of Australian music TV, Countdown.

Being a lover of guitar music, it was always a pleasure to listen to master craftsman Clive Shakespeare, who has a wonderful, albeit short guitar solo during this song, at the start of the song, and then again towards the end of the clip. Sadly, Clive is no longer with us, passing away in early 2012.

In the days before Sherbet became such a huge band, they were a regular act at one of the Newcastle clubs that featured live music, and I would regularly see them at that venue, the Savoy Club, a converted movie theatre which was such a wonderful venue for live music.

And, hey, did we used to have big hair like that in those days long gone, and would a band wear outfits like this any more. The band’s singer is that huge name from Australian pop music, Daryl Braithwaite.

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