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It is with sadness that today we note the passing of Patti Page, who passed peacefully on New Years Day. While more famous probably for her Monster hit Tennessee Waltz, my favourite song of hers is the featured video clip for today, Old Cape Cod.

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Patti Page 01While Patti Page was a huge popular music star a little before my time, I fondly remember a couple of her hit songs. My good lady wife had a couple of her LP records, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed her songs when I played them. I do remember hearing Tennessee Waltz over the years, and while that song has been covered so many times and by so many artists, her version is still my favourite when it comes to that song.

However, by far my favourite song of hers has always been Old Cape Cod. It was first recorded by her in 1957, when I was only 6 years old, but I do remember it somewhere in the back of my head from way back then. I have this odd little quirk. Whenever I hear an old song, any song, I always remember where I was when I first took notice of the song. It’s an odd thing really, and I have no idea why it happens. It just does.

Whenever I hear Old Cape Cod, I’m immediately taken back to the living room of the house we were living in at that time, and I have no idea why. It must have been a favourite of my Mother’s or Father’s and they played it a lot on their stereo cabinet, and that’s why I remember it.

This song has also been covered many times over the years, and more recently, in 1997, it was covered by Groove Armada, who made an upbeat Techno Dance version of the song, titled At The River, and in that version, they sampled Patti Page’s lyrics. It was quite a good cover of the song recently, updating it for a new and younger audience.

Patti Page was sometimes referred to by her nickname of ‘The Singing Rage’. She was hugely popular for her time in popular music, and what is surprising is that during her time, she sold more than 100 Million records, an astonishing feat for now, let alone back when she was so popular.

Her song Tennessee Waltz holds a pretty unique record. It was the last recorded song to sell one million copies of ….. the sheet music. In days when million sellers for CD’s are relatively rare, imagine selling one million copies of the sheet music booklet for the song.

Right up until quite recently, Patti was still touring and singing at concerts.

Her passing marks the loss of another of those famous voices from our youth who gave us so much pleasure.

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Vale Patti Page.

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