Recent Energy and Environmental News – 28th December 2012

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr. ~wind turbine


This is my last energy newsletter of the year. Thank you again for your efforts in promoting science-based energy and environmental policies. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year in 2013.

In a bizarre ending of the year I found out yesterday that I have been identified as one of a select few scientists that should be killed (see below) — so maybe this will be my last newsletter ever. One should need no further evidence that mainstream environmentalism has become a full-blown secular religion, when non-believers are targeted for extermination…

More reports about greed energy economics.

As of this writing, the US wind energy PTC (Production Tax Credit) matter remains unresolved. Something could happen any moment, and right now no one knows what will transpire regarding the PTC. In the media war of articles and reports, there is no doubt that we won. It now remains to be seen whether our US legislators will have the courage and conviction to do the right thing. Here are more good recent articles against the PTC:

Blow Off Wind Production Tax Credit.

Obama’s Wind Production Tax Swindle

The End Of The Line for Wind Energy.

Kill the PTC.

Still Breaking Wind.

Send the PTC Over the Cliff.

Let’s Be Gone With the Wind.

Wind Energy Has Low Economic Value.

The Cost of Wind Energy (a short good video)

A new Study shows the foolishness of Pennsylvania’s RPS.

Rise in Renewables Will Require More Fossil Fuels.

Wind development undermines tourism.

Turbines and Property Values.

A new website about turbine related property loss.

14 groups send letter to Congress against a carbon tax.

The myth of green energy investing.

Germany faces $55 Billion due to renewables.

More reports about turbine health matters.

A fine radio interview regarding wind turbines and human health.

Wind Victims Ontario is a new website.

More reports about turbine wildlife matters.

Could Anonymous Reporting Produce Better Results?

Stop Subsidizing the Slaughter.

Miscellaneous energy reports.

A fascinating story about the somewhat typical renewable scams that are going on (think RECs, RGGI, etc).

Performance of UK and Danish Wind Projects.

Replace Wind with Gas.

The future of energy is nuclear.

A worthwhile talk about nuclear power.

A good piece about nuclear SMRs.

An excellent piece about the Fukushima accident.

Wind energy no match for Nuclear.

How Fossil Fuels Saved Humanity.

A NYS town wins a state supreme court victory against wind energy proponents.

Obama Doing an Energy End-run?

Obama’s Dirty Clean Energy Deals.

Sign a quick petition to help our Scottish friends.

NY Researchers Tout Shrub Willow for Fuel.

Some recent global warming articles of interest

Professor publicly advocates killing vocal global warming skeptics. [I take this a bit personally, since I am one of those identified to be terminated (see desmogblog list).] There are many reports about this fanatic, and here is a good one at Australia’s JoNova site.

Good summary of the Doha meeting.

Superstition and Sandy.

Cooling Down the Fears of Climate Change.

American Geophysical Union & Climate Hysteria.

IPPC draft of next version leaked

Good commentary on leak, and another.

UN Chief Errs Again on Global Warming.

Canada Withdraws from Kyoto — congratulations!

Climate Science: Opinions, Baloney and Bloggers.

Five Fatal Flaws of the Greenhouse Theory.

Extreme Weather Report-2012

Sea Level Is Not Rising.

Jackson Leaving EPA


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Thank you for your support.

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