WashPost’s Santa: ‘Guns Were Designed to Make People Die, to Make People Cry’

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Tim GrahamBy Tim Graham ~santa

For all those liberals who were upset that “Fox & Friends” interviewed a Santa Claus about the “War on Christmas,” the media tends to balance out it Santas. In Friday’s Washington Post, columnist Petula Dvorak offered a piece headlined “Santa’s heart is heavy.”

“It’s even tougher for Santa this year when kids put guns on their Christmas list,” she tweeted. She reports that the Santa at Merrifield Garden Center in northern Virginia hears children request guns for Christmas, “even assault weapons.” Santa tells the children guns only make people die, or cry:

“You might get a gun from your father or your mother or grandfather, but you won’t get one from me,” he tells kids who request weapons, either real or make-believe, at the Fairfax County nursery. “Guns were put on this earth to take the life of a bird, an animal or a person. Guns were designed to make people cry, to make people die. Now, take a candy and a holy card.”

…Santa’s steadfast denial of guns as gifts, coming from a man who first dyed bedsheets red and wore a cowbell around his neck to create his uniform decades ago, is especially poignant this year.

Santa’s not buying the argument that guns can be used in self-defense, to save lives — and naturally, hunting birds and animals can helps humans have the nourishment to remain alive.

But perhaps the liberal Post readers will be more upset that this Santa tells the children to grab a “holy card,” and is pictured on B8 in a pose of prayer before a nativity scene.

Tim Graham contributes at NewsBusters. He is Director of  Media Analysis at the Media Research Center and is the author of the book “Pattern Of Deception: The Media’s Role In The Clinton Presidency”.

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