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Today’s music video is Bed Of Nails, sung here in this clip by the Australian singer Ross Wilson.

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When it comes to the term ‘Popular Music Royalty’, these days every singer who has had a couple of hits over what amounts to a short recording life is termed as royalty.

The same also applies here in Australia.Ross Wilson

However, when it does come to Popular Music Royalty, then Ross Wilson is indeed that. He is up there at the very top of the Popular Music Royalty tree here in Australia.

Starting very early in life, he sang with his Church choir, and was good enough to be selected as a solo singer for weddings. He was in a major traffic accident, and while convalescing, he taught himself to play the harmonica. Aged just 14 he formed his first band with fellow school friend Ross Hannaford, who stayed with him for quite a while and in some of his early bands. That first band The Pink Finks eventually morphed into 2 further bands with other members. While all this was happening, he fitted in a long stay in England, where he was also writing material as well. Returning to Australia, he now formed Sons Of The Vegetal Mother. This band had a side project going at the same time, with the working title of Daddy Cool, and with this new project, the band released a song Wilson had written while he was in England.

This song was the legendary Australian anthem, the absolute monster, Eagle Rock. one of the most iconic songs ever to come out of Australian music. It spent a huge amount of time at Number One all across Australia, on National Charts and every local chart as well, spending more than 6 Months in the Charts. Their second song Come Back Again was also a monster, and while Eagle Rock was still high in the charts, this second song was also there as well, as high as Number Two nationally, and Number One most everywhere else. On the strength of these two huge songs, their first album, Daddy Who, Daddy Cool also went to Number One, and spent almost 6 Months in the album charts as well.

Sadly, the band lasted barely three years, but this was not the end for Ross Wilson. While Daddy Cool was still huge, he moved into producing as well, and produced another legend in Australian music, The Skyhooks with their monster first album Livin’ In The 70’s, and two subsequent albums for what was to become Australia’s premier band, taking that title from Daddy Cool. Ross was also working as a session musician for Skyhooks and other bands as well, so much in demand as he was. As well as this, he formed his own record company, with his own label, Oz Records, which had a stable of well known bands and artists.

While all this was still happening, he formed another band, Mighty Kong, which saw 2 further albums.

Still producing, and still doing work as a session musician, he produced and played on albums for Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons. It seemed that everything he touched turned to gold, literally, as most of those albums went gold for those bands.

In 1979, he formed the band Mondo Rock, another iconic Australian band, and with them, Ross, still producing, settled down, if it could be referred to as that, as Mondo Rock was his longest term project staying as a band for 12 years and releasing 7 albums. While with Mondo Rock, he wrote, produced recorded, sang backing vocals, and played on a hit he made for his wife, Pat Wilson, a song called Bop Girl, which was a National Number two.

Even that was not enough, as Ross now branched out as a solo artist. Under his own name, he brought out a further 4 albums.

Today’s featured clip is Bed Of Nails, from his first solo album The Dark Side Of The Man, released in 1989.

So, referring to Ross Wilson as Australian Rock Music Royalty probably considerably understates the actuality. Ross has had his hand touch a virtual Who’s Who of Australian popular music.

The second clip below is from Ross’ time with the band Mondo Rock. The song is titled Come Said The Boy, and the song is quite blatantly about the loss of virginity. This caused the song to be banned by a number of radio stations at the time, including the Number One radio station in Sydney at the time, 2SM, and this was probably something that even helped the song to become a pretty big hit for the band.

The third clip featured shows Ross himself introducing his first Monster, from his days with Daddy Cool, the song Eagle Rock, and while Ross jokingly refers to this song as the National Anthem, it probably was indeed the case, as more people knew the words to this song than the actual National Anthem. For the introduction to this clip, Ross made a guest appearance on the late night Australian TV program, Rage which detailed the history across the years of Australian Rock music.

When so many artists and bands are loosely referred to as being iconic, Ross Wilson actually is one of THE icons of Australian music, in a career spanning almost 40 years.

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