Sydney City Councillor Speaks Truth About Earth Hour

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Record this Sydney City Councillor as someone who stood up against the madness:

Earth Hour has been attacked as “daggy”, with calls for Sydney City Council to stop funding it.

Sydney Liberal (Conservative) councillor Edward Mandla told Town Hall he was honoured to stand in council because he should be dead, “wiped out from the effects of CFC’s, famine, acid rain, SARS, ozone holes, and Y2K”.

“Like all that has come here before us, saving the planet by ‘being in the dark’ is greatly exaggerated and doesn’t credit technology and human ingenuity to solve the big problems,” he said.

“I believe support for Earth Hour is waning. There is talk of a twitter handle #fail and I think it’s getting daggy.”

“Daggy” is the killer criticism. Believers can handle criticism that the evidence is against them and what they propose makes virtually no difference. But to be called daggy?


It’s the Greens’ version of Paradise. North Korea this month celebrated Earth Hour – every hour, every day, every week….  That’s the well-lit South Korea under North Greens Korea, which is circled in the image, and with the world’s biggest emitter, China to the left of the picture.

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