Recent Energy and Environmental News – 7th December 2012

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr. ~wind turbine

Despite the recent political changes in the US, our proposed national energy slogan remains the same: “All of the Sensible” (in contrast to the absurd “All of the Above”). Please pass it on. US citizens should make sure to get up-to-speed with what is on our PTCFacts.Info pages as that issue is still unresolved and very hot.

Please sign up and comment on this new social media site that we have setup as part of our campaign against the wind PTC.

More reports about greed energy economics:

The EIA gives an abbreviated history of the PTC. Note that no benefits are identified from the PTC expenditure. One could also read their chart as significant evidence that RPS mandates are more the drivers than the PTC.

An excellent article about why the PTC is a loser.

Seven Myths About the PTC.

Another good take on why the PTC must go.

Let the PTC Expire.

Winding Down the Wind PTC.

Wind industry executive acknowledges that wind is twice the cost of gas.

Big Wind: the most corrupt and corrupting industry in the world.

Adverse possession of a homesite by wind development.

Property values will drop near wind projects.

Growing Anger over Electricity Bills.

Gas will kill renewables for the next 90 years.

Cost of CO2 saved using an electric car, fueled by electricity from gas.

How’s Your Green Energy Stock Doing?

More reports about turbine health matters:

Sixty NYS citizens sue Iberdrola for health and economic reasons. Robert Bryce also weighed in on this case, with his usual good insight.

A repeat since it’s important: Wind Turbines Can Be Hazardous to Human Health.

A good story about a Canadian broadcast that was a totally inadequate discussion of the turbine-human health matter.

Miscellaneous energy reports:

New developments on SMRs — the energy source that will put wind out of business. Forever.

How A Nuclear Power Plant Works is informative.

This is an excellent discussion about radiation.

Interesting figures of Maine’s wind projects capacity factors for the year.

An interesting story about wind development in New Zealand.

Through a great deal of time and effort, citizens in a Michigan town are successful in getting a restrictive ordinance passed.

Videos of the recent Falmouth (MA) conference on human rights.

Carbon Capture Is Dead, Long Live Carbon Capture

Some recent global warming articles of interest —

Offset murders is an alternative to cutting CO2.

Open Letter to UN Sec-Gen re Faulty AGW Science.

Christina’s Nightmare— For The Rest of Us.

IPCC and Mr. Weaver.

Facing a triple threat: Doha, EPA and Congress.

State of the Earth’s Terrestrial Biosphere.

Is Africa in an Emissions Arm Lock?

Hansen should be prosecuted.

Per the note I sent out before, I would strongly encourage you to watch Dr. Cal Beisner’s presentation recently given to a religious organization (go here, and skip to 53 minutes where it begins). To subscribe to a newsletter that examines energy and environmental issues from a Judeo-Christian perspective, email Dr. Beisner.

Some other recent articles of general interest —

I would recommend watching this movie.


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