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Syrian internet shutoff and isolation spells impending catastrophic humanitarian disaster for Syrian citizens

West needs to act to protect Syrian people from homicidal regime

PHOENIX (November 29, 2012) – Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim and the co-founder of the Save Syria Now! issued the following statement regarding the latest developments in Syria:
“The Syrian blackout of the internet inside of the country can only point to a significant escalation of the Assad regime’s brutal attacks on the Syrian people. History has repeatedly shown that as information is cutoff the killings and brutality throughout Syria will spread like wildfire. The shutdown essentially eliminates the only consistent exposure of the regime’s atrocities. There are also reports of wide electricity shutdown. The move mirrors actions taken by Muammar Gaddafi’s and Hosni Mubarrak’s actions prior to launching assaults in Libya and Egypt.
 What will it take for the West to take more definitive action to protect the Syrian people from the atrocities and growing genocide of the Syrian people? While the Free Syrian Army and opposition forces have continued to increase their abilities, Assad’s forces fueled by Iran and Russia and others still maintains an oppressive advantage that can only end in the utter annihilation of an innocent Syrian people. This communication shutdown and additional reports of the elimination of power and transportation routes including the shutdown of all airports is an ominous and frightening sign that must be widely reported and addressed by the free world. What was bizarrely described as a “civil war” falsely implying a balanced conflict, is certainly now set to become a no hold bar ethnic cleansing and genocide.
Syrian expatriates have now entirely lost contact with all of our families, They are truly living in an isolated cauldron of devastation. The Assad military regime and killing machine has demonstrated that it has no respect for international human rights conventions and has no qualms about obliterating it’s own people while calling it “anti-terrorism operations”.
A no fly zone needs to urgently be established to prohibit the regime’s gunships from utterly decimating the people.  Global attention needs to turn immediately to steady reporting on the horrific situation in Syria and nations that continue to support Assad like Iran and Russia. The opposition must be given the means to protect themselves and the free world must take a courageous stand against Assad and not just give useless lip service on the sidelines.”
About Save Syria Now!
Save Syria Now! is a group of Americans of Syrian descent organizing to put pressure on the United States to call for immediate action to be taken against the regime of Bashar Assad of Syria and to bring true liberty to the people of Syria.  We stand with the Syrians protesting in the streets to end the tyranny of the Assad family.  For more information please visit our website at
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