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By Andrew Bolt ~

TonyfromOz prefaces…..

While you in the U.S. are right on top of this tonight especially, your election has been bigger news here in Australia than it has ever been before. Again, nearly all the coverage has been from the National Broadcaster, the (Australian) ABC, and as in the U.S. this branch of the media is mainly leaning to the left, and nearly all of the coverage has been pro Obama. Results for your election are sporadic here, but the ABC News24 TV channel is covering the results live to air. Here, Andrew is taking some of the most recent UPDATES.

A handy interactive graphic of the swing states Romney needs to take – and where he is largely behind, say polls.

But those polls largely assume the Obama turnout this year will be the same as four years ago, which Obama’s tears at his final rally suggest won’t happen:

Drudge claims exit polls show a very tight result, although perhaps slightly favoring Obama:


But Ace of Spades HQ warns exit polls skew Democrat:

In 2004, Kerry was picking out new curtains for the Oval Office because the exit polls showed him destroying George Bush.

But then people started noting: In the Pennsylvania exits, there were 22% more women surveyed than men. Could that be right?

No, it wasn’t right. The exit polls had a massive Democratic skew for several reasons. The people conducting the polls were young college students, for example. Older voters avoided them (figuring they would look down on their vote) and they, in turn, avoided older voters (because older voters are square, man!).


If Obama wins Florida, it’s over:

Lots of raw vote is in from Florida, about 40 percent. Obama leads by a few points. This vote doesn’t encompass the conservative panhandle area, whose polls are only now about the close. Romney should do quite well there.

I don’t know which parts of the state of the tabulated vote comes mainly from. But Fox says some early voting results released from key counties in the central corridor of the state are favorable to Obama.


Two other vital battlegrounds where polls have closed, North Carolina and Virginia, are also too close to call.

In Virginia, Fox News exit polls show the race so tight that neither Romney nor Obama have even a slight lead.


Florida vote is now better for Romney, who leads in raw votes. Virginia looking promising for him, suggests CNN.


Republican campaign genius Karl Rove says Ohio is looking much better this time than four years ago, and he is optimistic.


NBC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd examined the state of Florida as returns from the Sunshine State pour in. He said that experts on both sides have told him that they expect Mitt Romney to win the state, but by a slim margin.

But Wisconsin and Pennsylvania seem Obama’s. Getting tough for Romney:

Ohio now becomes all the more crucial. And Obama has about a 10 point lead in the early tabulated vote there.


I’d say it’s now unlikely Romney will win.  Even Florida is back to a toss up. The Republicans will nevertheless maintain control of the House, but not of the Senate. I expect gridlock and non-business-as-usual to continue.


In case you were wondering, for Mitt Romney to win the presidential election from this point, he has to win each of Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa and Colorado.


The defeat of Richard ”God’s will” Mourdock in a Senate race the Republicans should have banked should warn the party of the limited appeal of religious hardliners. But the victory of pretend Cherokee and Democrat Elizabeth Warren (in admittedly traditional Democrat Massachusetts) is a defeat for reason – but also a warning to Republicans not to try to outflank Democrats from the Left.

Just to rub in that message, the Democrats’ Claire McCaskill has easily held on to her Senate seat for Missouri against Todd Akin, who looked like he could take it until in a discussion about abortion said: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.”

Those two bozos, and those behind them, probably cost the Republicans the Senate – and even the presidency.


Fox News calls Ohio for Obama. Obama will be re-elected President of the United States.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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