A Word On Alan Caruba

Posted on Sat 11/03/2012 by


Here at our site we take the Posts from Alan Caruba, and he has been a regular commentator here now for many years.

His home site is Warning Signs.

He writes 6 Posts a week, on a daily basis, and, with his permission,  we copy each of those across to our site.

His is a Conservative voice of reason in the midst of so much noise from the left.

Alan lives in New Jersey which was impacted so badly by the Superstorm Sandy.

As is now quite obvious, we have not posted any of Alan’s commentary since the storm came ashore in New Jersey, and the last of those Posts was on Monday last.

We have not heard from him since Monday,  so we hope you join with us while our thoughts are with him.

The day or so prior to the storm coming ashore, we received an email from him mentioning that as there were no major Rivers near where he lives near Newark, he was anticipating that the electric power would be out for a while.

Part of that email also said the following:

Fortunately, there is no flooding where I live because they are no rivers in our vicinity. And I do have emergency lighting gadgets. So I anticipate that, even without electricity, I can read, snooze, smoke my cigars, and sip some cream sherry to get through whatever occurs.

We hope Alan is back with us soon, as a voice like his is sorely needed.