Australian Politics – Labor’s Senator Fitzgibbon Goes Cool On Pricey Green Power

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Challicum Hills Wind Power Plant near Ararat in Victoria Australia.

Long term Senator in the Australian Parliament, Joel Fitzgibbon is right – the renewable energy target is an expensive luxury which should be scrapped, given we have a carbon tax anyway:

LABOR’S chief whip and former cabinet minister Joel Fitzgibbon has called on the Gillard government to “forget the ideology” of the renewable energy target and cut its fixed target to give households relief from rising electricity prices.

Mr Fitzgibbon, who represents the State of New South Wales is from the major coal-producing seat of Hunter, centred around Newcastle, said he was “tempted” to call for completely doing away with the RET to make up 20 per cent of electricity production by 2020 but didn’t want to create uncertainty for business.

Responding in parliament to the Climate Change Authority’s recommendation not to alter the target for energy from wind and solar power, Mr Fitzgibbon said changes to the economy, including the start of the $23-a-tonne carbon tax, meant there had to be at least a lowering of the target.

The fact that green power sources – mainly wind and solar – need not just a carbon tax but mandatory renewable energy targets to stay in business shows how expensive they must be.

And what Fitzgibbon would not have dared add: the difference they make to any climate change is zero. It is pure symbolism – of our unreason.

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