Thirty Years Of Australian Nuclear Madness Ends

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By Andrew Bolt ~

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Yesterday, The Premier of the State of Queensland in Australia announced that the mining of Uranium deposits will resume after being banned for 30 years. Just the known deposits in Queensland will generate $10 Billion in sales of the ore at current prices. Three other States are currently mining Uranium ore, and the deposits of this ore in Australia have been quoted as being the second largest deposits on Earth. Recently, the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard was in India lobbying them to buy Australia’s Uranium for use in their proposed nuclear power plants. This decision by Premier Newman supports the Federal Labor Government’s intent to sell that ore, and now, with this latest decision, the State of Queensland can also benefit from the proposed boom in sales of Uranium.

Queensland State Premier Campbell Newman

A shamefully irrational ban is finally lifted:

CAMPBELL Newman has overturned a decades-old ban on uranium mining in Queensland, opening the door to renewed development of the resource worth up to $18 billion.

The Queensland Premier yesterday announced his government would appoint a panel to restart the uranium-mining industry, 30 years after the state’s last mine closed.

Next: an end to the ban on nuclear power.

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