NewsBusted – 12-293 – Video

Posted on Sat 10/20/2012 by


Topics in today’s show:

– A model created by two University of Colorado professors still projects that Mitt Romney will win the Presidential election.

– First Lady Michelle Obama says that she rarely ventures into the West Wing to give the President policy advice, finding it easier to phone him while he’s at the golf course.

– The Obama dot com website gets most of its traffic from outside the U.S. and may in fact be taking in illegal offshore donations.

–  There’s still some buzz over the Time Magazine photographs of Paul Ryan working out.

– A new study has found that one third of all people under 30 years of age have no religious affiliation.

– After spending weeks in a coma, a leading Neurosurgeon says that he now believes in the afterlife.

Starring: Jodi Miller
Director: Bruce Roundtower
Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield

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