Climate Change – World Was Warmer – Twice – In The Past 2000 Years

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Yet more evidence to disprove the alarmist claims of the IPCC and associated warmists that the recent warming is unprecedented:

TEMPERATURES were warmer in the northern hemisphere 1000 and 2000 years ago, well before the industrial revolution when the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 40 per cent lower than it is today.

The authors of a report, published in Global and Planetary Change, said findings that the northern hemisphere was warmer during both the Roman period, 2000 years ago, and medieval warming, 1000 years ago, highlighted uncertainties in making climate predictions.

But don’t try telling local warmists of science that challenges the great scare:

David Jones, head of climate monitoring and prediction services at Australian Bureau of Meteorology, said historic warming during the Roman and medieval period could be explained by changes in solar activity.

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