Climate Change – Fifteen Years Of NO Warming Are Interesting. Five More Could Be Decisive

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Five more years of no warming could be a big problem for global warmists, says Professor Michael Asten. In the meantime, ignore the fear mongering of professional alarmists over the Arctic melt:

Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery that the news [of the big Arctic melt this year] was “a significant wake-up call”, and such melting “poses risks for coastal communities, infrastructure and ecosystems right around the world including in Australia”.

Another member of the Climate Commission, Will Steffen, has added to the expressions of concern, describing the Arctic melting as a “trigger” and suggesting that the Arctic will be ice-free between 2016 and 2030…

We have not yet read statements from Flannery or Steffen to the effect that the [record] increase in Antarctic ice is a “go back to sleep” signal, or that increasing Antarctic ice presents a risk of falling sea levels on our coastlines.

Nor should we; the two phenomena are small parts of a larger picture…

Yes, the Arctic is warm this year, but not abnormally so when viewed in a historical context. Meanwhile, the Antarctic is proving contrary… We may be seeing an example of the global “seesaw” of Arctic and Antarctic change…

Global temperatures have not increased in a statistically significant sense in the past 15 years. [Actually 16.]

A pause of 10 years in the upward trend of the past 40 years would be unsurprising from existing models. A pause of 20 years would definitely surprise. Changes across the next five years will be watched closely… but with one eye on history and one on current observations, I see no reason for pessimism about our climate…

Read the full article, which stresses the importance of cyclical patterns in climate, including Arctic melts and sea level rises.

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