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Today’s music video is Guitar Man  from Bread.

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Bread were a huge band in the 70’s. While the most obvious name remembered from this band was David Gates, the band was a tight unit that came out of California. While perhaps this was the beginning of what became known as The West Coast Sound, the band more correctly falls into the genre of Soft Rock.

The band had six studio albums during their almost ten years, and were a popular touring band. Their first single, Make It With You went to Number One on the U.S. charts. Although later songs made local Number Ones, they never managed another National Number One. They did have a further six songs chart inside the Top Ten, the biggest being the hauntingly beautiful  If, which almost made it to Number One Nationally, then Baby I’m A Want You, and Everything I Own.

All but their first album was certified Gold, and the band had a number of Compilation albums, and the first of those, the 1973 album The best Of Bread was in fact certified as 5 times Platinum, selling a huge number of copies.

The constant grind of touring saw the band slowly start to fade, but they always had another of those wonderful soft songs with the beautiful voice of David Gates ensuring the band was not forgotten.

Their 1972 album, Guitar Man, saw this song, in fact a little different than any of their earlier songs, with an (almost) hard edge to the guitar playing, which after all was the main theme of the song.

The single from this album was in fact the title track, and the song I have featured today. The song made it into the Top Ten Nationally (just), and was an even bigger hit here in Australia.

When you hear their songs played on radio these days, they are almost always introduced as David Gates and Bread, but the band’s music as a whole stands the test of time.

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