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By Tom McLaughlin ~

September’s coming, so let’s look at the latest way our federal government screws up public schools.

Black students are suspended or expelled far more than white students – 350% more. President Obama’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, claims it’s because of white racism. I think that’s baloney. Black students are disciplined more because they misbehave more, but it doesn’t matter what I think.  Liberals are in charge of the US Department of Education, most state education departments, and all teachers’ unions. What they think is what matters. They think they can solve the problem the same way they try to solve so many other social problems – by blaming it on racism and spending money on it.

The result is always the same too: It gets worse and we go further into debt because nearly half the money they spend is borrowed from China. Obama Administration officials and civil rights advocates like to repeat one phrase, according to Heather MacDonald, writing in her City Journal essay Undisciplined: the “school to prison pipeline.”

They think racist schools steer black students to prison. They believe white racist discrimination causes poverty and poverty causes crime. They’re completely stuck in that sixties mindset and cannot think any other way. That would be fine, but they’re running our schools and spending billions. MacDonald points out that white boys are suspended or expelled twice as often as Asian or Pacific Islander boys, but administration officials ignore that. It doesn’t fit their world view. Neither do they seem to notice correlation between black misbehavior in schools and the black murder rate. “The homicide rate among males between the ages of 14 and 17 is nearly ten times higher for blacks than for whites and Hispanics combined,” writes MacDonald. “Such data make no impact on the Obama administration and its orbiting advocates, who apparently believe that the lack of self-control and socialization that results in this disproportionate criminal violence does not manifest itself in classroom comportment as well.” Why the blindness? It’s easy to explain. These officials are all devout members of the multicultural priesthood. They mustn’t look at cultural clues among black students like fatherlessness, drug use, (c)rap music, domestic violence, graffiti, sexual behavior, “ebonics,” generational welfare, domestic violence – to name just a few. It’s okay to bring up those things if you’re going to blame them on racism, but if you were to suggest that the black community itself might share responsibility for any of it – or might even foster it in some cases – you’d be quickly labeled “racist” and shunned.

In graduate school during the 70s, I was trained to apply standardized tests to students measuring intelligence, achievement, and various other learning abilities. If I obtained low scores measuring intelligence, there were items to rule out lest it skew an individual student’s profile, and one was “cultural deprivation.” It had to be considered when trying to determine if a student had enough gray matter to learn what the school was trying to teach. In other words, he might be intelligent but his culture was holding him back. But as I said, that was back in the 70s. Writing anything like that in a student’s folder today would be dangerous to one’s career.

When black students or any other students are suspended or expelled, follow them out to their cars. Watch them struggle to get in with their pants hanging down below their asses and their hats on sideways. What do you hear as they pull away? Even if you’re deaf, you would likely feel the air around you literally vibrate from a deep base box in the trunk with a (c)rap music beat. Listen to the anger and hate in the “ebonic” lyrics. There are definite cultural clues there about what may be affecting their behavior, but Arne Duncan and his ilk have to ignore them. To acknowledge them would force a modification of their entire world view.

(C)Rap is the signature music of a sick, black subculture. Unfortunately though, it’s celebrated in countless award ceremonies televised around the world. It’s worshiped and glorified by Hollywood and by students of all races and it’s not good. It’s poison, and the solid black Christian culture from which emerged people like the Reverend Martin Luthor King Jr. wanes as the sick, black subculture spreads. American Heritage Dictionary defines multiculturalism as: “The view that the various cultures in a society merit equal respect and scholarly interest. It became a significant force in American society in the 1970s and 1980s as African-Americans, Latinos, and other ethnic groups explored their own history.” To the multicultural priesthood, I’m obviously a heretic and I don’t march in their parade. I believe that good and bad are perfectly fine adjectives to use when describing culture. Cultural trends that degrade women and kill children are bad. Cultural trends that nurture them are good. Our educational elite doesn’t seem to get this because they drink multicultural Kool-Aid every day. That’s how they “race to the top” of their profession. And yes, the puns are intentional.

Regardless of race, students who misbehave must be removed from classrooms lest they deprive others students of their right to education. Anyone who doesn’t understand that shouldn’t be making education policy. They shouldn’t be in the profession at all.

Contributing Editor   is a (now retired) history teacher and a regular weekly columnist for newspapers in Maine and New Hampshire. He writes about political and social issues, history, family, education and Radical Islam.

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