CO2 Tax Australia – Switching Off Australia’s Lights

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The only thing being cooled by the carbon tax is investment:

A confidential survey of global companies’ investment plans for a summit of more than 150 chief executives in Parliament House this week, obtained by The Australian, reveals that 60 per cent of executives are dismayed at Canberra’s increasing policy uncertainty. They also take aim at the bitter political partisanship in Canberra as a reason to scale back their foreign investment…

Amid a growing political row over foreign investment policy, the CEO report finds that 45 per cent of executives at global companies say they are less likely to invest in Australia, while only 20 per cent believe they are more likely to do so…

Major concerns were the increase in labour costs, the strong dollar and the relatively low productivity growth over the past decade. “Respondents felt that some recent policies coming into effect, such as the carbon pricing scheme, have had a negative effect on investor sentiment,” the report added.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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