CO2 Tax Australia – Carbon Tax Hits The Greens’ Pet Car

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Holden Volt

By Andrew Bolt ~

The Greens predicted great things for electric cars:

Around the world electric vehicles (EV) are beginning to transform the way we move… EVs, along with increased investment in public transport, are central to meeting the twin challenges of climate change and energy security.

The Gillard Government prepared for this great transformation:

The Government is also leading a work program to ensure Australia’s energy markets are ready to support the potential large-scale adoption of electric vehicles and related technologies.

But, oh dear, the Government maintains its perfect record for picking green duds:

SALES of electric vehicles have been so slow that Mitsubishi has temporarily halted production of two cars.

The slow global take-up of EVs has been mirrored in Australia, with only 18 sold privately this year and 45 sold to government and business

While many blame high prices Mitsubishi i-MiEV retails at $48,800, Nissan Leaf at $51,500 and Holden Volt at $59,990 Australian industry figures point to a lack of government subsidies.

Ah, yes, subsidies, so that the poor subsidise the useless gestures of the green rich.

Bottom line: the Gillard Government puts in a useless carbon tax that drives up electricity prices without cutting the temperature. With power prices so high, who wants to buy electric cars?

One in 10 cars may be electric by 2020 although the take-up in Australia maybe slower due to the carbon tax, claims Nissan.

So the green answer: more subsidies, which in turn mean higher taxes…

No wonder the Left loves the green movement. What other great cause has justified such an endless go-round of taxes and subsidies? And all for absolutely no public good.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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