No Nukes Means More Coal For Germany

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Thanks to Fukushima, one absurd green fear campaign smashes into another, leaving Germany having to choose:

More than a year ago, Germany decided to opt out of nuclear and fossil based energy. It was replaced by “cleaner” energy sources, namely solar and water power. Until 2020, 35 percent of German electricity is to come from renewable sources, boosted to 80 percent by 2050. Eight nuclear plants have already been taken off the grid, but at the same time, both brown and black coal are still needed to guarantee an ample supply of electricity….

Twenty-three new coal-fired power plants are being built across Germany, with the capacity to generate 24,000 megawatts. Campaigners for the environment protection group Greenpeace say these new plants will emit 150 million tons of CO2 each year…

Another point that favors the building of new coal-fired plants for Altmaier is cost, as electricity from renewable sources is still relatively expensive. In order not to jeopardize the German economy, one would have to “be in a position to be able to offer energy at prices that can compare with that of the main power competitors in other industrialized countries.”

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