Recent Energy and Environmental News – 16th July 2012

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The North Carolina House passed the important Sea Level Rise bill that I have been telling you about. It now is waiting on the Governor. If you want to hear the interesting discussion by the legislators, start at 46:00. Here is a sample newspaper story.


Please watch this short, though-provoking video.

Some recent energy articles of interest —

Superior overview of wind energy.

More reports about greed energy economics:

World’s largest turbine manufacturer facing possible bankruptcy.

The US House Energy Committee delivers a blistering report about the 1603 wind energy subsidy program: Where Are The Jobs? Interestingly, almost everything there applies to the PTC program.

Wind Energy Jobs Myth.

Wind Energy CO2 Savings Claims are Overstated.

The Green Premium- 620%.

Really good news: The Wind Industry is Leaving the US.

A good article about ending the mindless pursuit of unreliable, inefficient, and uneconomical renewable energy at any cost.

A detailed examination of the problems with solar subsidies, and another — both apply to wind energy.

An interesting discussion of the economics of energy efficiency.

A good site about the RGGI situation (in US Northeast).

NYS IDA fails to create jobs (e.g. with wind energy)

Caught in a Green Crossfire.

School District: Turbine Not Up to Speed.

More reports about turbine health matters:

Wind noise regulations pits scientists against politicians.

Canadian government will study turbine acoustics.

Turbine neighbors are lab rats.

In searching for a different study on low-frequency noise effects, I came across four reports plus a good page that I don’t recall seeing before:

1 – Sources and Effects of Low-frequency Noise

2 – How Acoustical Noise can cause Physiological and Psychological Reactions

3 – Low Frequency Noise and Annoyance,

4 – Hearing at Low Frequencies, and

5 – this acoustics page.

More reports about turbine wildlife matters:

Superb article about turbine bird deaths.

Miscellaneous energy reports:

A Skeptic Looks at Alternative Energy.

Wind Energy Claimed CO2 Savings are Overstated.

The Exaggerated Promise of Renewable Energy.

Obama’s new energy plan.

US 2103 Energy Agenda.

A superior letter to FAA about the issues of flying and wind turbines.

An interesting lawsuit against Bloom.

Some Facts About Radiation.

A Big Nuclear Breakthrough.

Some people have asked for an explanation of Higgs Bosen. This piece may help, but I’d say not to worry about it — we have real world issues right in front of us.

Some recent global warming articles of interest —

Some scientists say it was much hotter before.

A worthwhile discussion of climate models, confidence, etc.

An insightful and entertaining perspective on Rio: video and text.

Research Council of Norway advocates changes in climate science.

Not sure whether I listed this before, but even so it deserves a repeat. It is an insightful discussion about the tactics used by some scientists to sell the global warming hypothesis.

US Leads EU in CO2 Reductions (read the good comments).

The other Penn State Scandal.

Some other recent articles of general interest —

Alabama fights UN Agenda 21.

“Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured …. but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.” — Ben Stein

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