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Today’s music video is Across The Universe  from The Beatles.

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There’s nothing else I can add about the Beatles that hasn’t already been said. This band drove music for more than a decade. What they did, everybody else tried to copy. They made one monster album, and when other bands did that and found it difficult to follow up, The Beatles just went one step further, and created an even bigger monster album, and then just kept doing it, album after album after album.

They took music in directions others feared to tread out of a belief it might drive away a solid fan base. The Beatles just ‘went there’, made the music, and it sold off the map, not only in their homeland, the UK, but all across the face of the Planet. They tried things with music that others didn’t even attempt, and it always worked.

While in those early days, they concentrated on their formula, in 1965, they started to progress into other areas with the release of their album Rubber Soul. They followed this with Revolver, always experimenting with their music and always making it work.

Then came Sgt Peppers, arguably the greatest album of all time. This one album was so good that other million selling artists and bands actually considered giving it all away, because the pinnacle had been reached, and nothing could even get close to that album.

The Beatles had been at the peak for 8 or so years now, and with the release of each album, that peak just kept getting higher, and every other band had that little bit further to go, just to catch up.

Again, they extended that peak with the release of what is referred to as The White Album.

Then in 1969/70, the band decided to split.

They had 2 more albums, released out of sequence, as Abbey Road was the last album they made, and the earlier album Let It Be was done earlier, but not released until after Abbey Road.

Not happy with Let It Be, they worked further on it and it was finally released in 1970, their last album to enter the charts.

Today’s featured song, Across The Universe, is taken from the Let It Be album. Credited as being written by Lennon and McCartney, John Lennon wrote this song. Earlier versions were done, and this version on this album differs slightly from those earlier versions. John got the inspiration to write this song when he was with his first wife Cynthia, and was finished during that period when the band became involved with Transcendental Meditation.

This is just a beautiful song, and one that John himself considered as one of the best things he did.

Over the intervening years, this song has been ‘covered’ by almost 30 other artists and bands.

It’s hard to believe that this song is almost 44 years old.

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