A Benevolent Dictator

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By Marlin  Thompson ~

I started musing about what I would do if I were absolute dictator of the United States for one year to fast track our country back to a position of primacy and prosperity.

The United States has outlasted, by 35 years, the world’s great civilization’s average of 200 years.
But we are now on the road to bondage.

This book details brief, concise, easy-to-understand ideas for restoring America to economic and military prominence. If these tenants were implemented, there would be full employment, and the United States would again be the symbol of hope for the world.

No politician on the horizon has the guts to propose these concepts. They’re just whistling past the graveyard, but if we don’t do something radical, we are doomed. We are becoming increasingly addicted to government, and politicians are the dealers of the drug named “dependency”

The book is designed to make politicians and average citizens think about what could be possible.

A Benevolent Dictator – by Marlin  Thompson – The Book is Now Available Online!

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