(Australia’s) ABC TV Suffers Nuclear Contamination

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Another scary (Australian) ABC TV report, from their Current Affairs flagship program, 7.30, on Fukushima’s reactors, which still haven’t managed to sicken a single person:

LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: One more major earthquake in Japan and the nation could face a nuclear disaster 10 times the scale of Chernobyl. That’s what experts are telling 7.30.

When Japan was hit last year by a massive earthquake and tsunami, the world feared nuclear catastrophe.

The nation’s Fukushima nuclear reactors were inside the disaster zone.

We’ve not heard much about them for a while, but the danger certainly hasn’t passed.

Experts say the situation inside Fukushima reactor number four is precarious, as North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy reports from Fukushima.

MARK WILLACY, REPORTER: … few here actually realise that a few kilometres to the east is the spent fuel pool of the Fukushima nuclear plant, containing enough nuclear fuel to spawn a catastrophe to dwarf Chernobyl….

ROBERT ALVAREZ, INSTITUTE OF POLICY STUDIES: The spent fuel pool number four at Fukushima, based on my sorta calculations, contains roughly 10 times more cesium 137 then released by the Chernobyl accident.

MARK WILLACY: It’s also clear from this footage that the pool is littered with debris from last year’s disaster.

HIROAKI KOIDE, NUCLEAR ENGINEER (voiceover translation): The nuclear fuel in that pool is 2.5 times what’s needed in a reactor core. It contains 5,000 times more cesium than was released by the Hiroshima bomb and the pool is just hanging there. We don’t know when it could collapse.

Reader Greg protests:

A few points:

ROBERT ALVAREZ – is hardly an expert or reliable source. He is a known anti-nuclear activist as you can read here.

HIROAKI KOIDE – also an anti-nuclear activist.

TEPCO is being secretive – really?

The ABC also seems to have ignored the WHO report on radiation released and IAEA updates.

Why is there always this need to hype up a nuclear scare, to the point where the scare becomes deadlier than the radiation?

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