Greece Pulls Back From The Extremes. A Little

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By Andrew Bolt ~

An immediate crisis averted, but the long-term one not solved:

NEW Democracy leader Antonis Samaras has declared victory in the Greek elections, averting fears of an exit from the euro with a promise to honour his country’s financial obligations.

His conservative party edged ahead of left wing Syriza, who had expressed opposition to the deal, winning 29.6 per cent of the vote against the latter’s 27.1 per cent after 51 per cent of the vote was counted.

New Democracy will be rewarded for their lead with 50 seats, making their margin large enough to forge a parliamentary majority with Pasok.

Less pleasant:

An extreme right party that campaigned to rid Greece of illegal immigrants largely held its bloc of seats in parliamentary elections Sunday, retaining support after a party official slapped a female politician and threw a glass of water on another on live television during the campaign.

Official projections showed the Golden Dawn party returning to the 300-member parliament with 18 seats, just three fewer than it had won in an inconclusive election on May 6…

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