Climate Change Australia – Making The Poor Feel Cold Is The Big Green Idea

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Former Australian Labor Government Environment Minister Graham Richardson still doesn’t realise the whole point of the current Gillard Labor Government’s global warming policies is to produce exactly what disturbs him:

Why hasn’t Gillard made a speech along these lines: “As the leader of the Labor Party, the party that must always represent those in need, I know that too many people out there are worried tonight about whether or not they can afford to turn the heater on. I know that these same ordinary citizens, if they have the luxury of air-conditioning, worry about flicking that switch in the summer months.

“As your Prime Minister I can’t accept that any citizen doesn’t have the right to be warm in the winter and cool in summer...”

Why hasn’t she? Because she would be undermining the objectives of her crazy crusade against cheap coal-fire power.

Observe. To Richo, it’s a scandal that people worry about turning on the air-con. To the warmist Age editor, writing in January 2007, this was the desired effect::

The (blackouts), however unfortunate and disruptive it was to thousands of Victorians, has at least served to focus attention on … the over-use of air-conditioners and their threat to power supply. Our consumer society, which enjoys a high standard of living, has long abandoned the fan or the cold bath as the way to keep summer at bay….

If this forces people to examine their use of air-conditioners, and perhaps to use them less, then well and good. It would save power and be better for the environment.

To Richo, it’s a scandal that people are scare to turn on the heating. To green preachers, the glorious day has arrived:

Most solutions are obvious – put on a jumper instead of the heater – but others are less well known, said Matthew Clark, a director of water and energy programs at the Office of Environment and Heritage…

Ms Moy, the program manager at Newtown’s Green Living Centre, celebrates winter by officially preparing her home, which also diminishes power use.

‘’It’s about putting the blankets out on the couches and getting the door snakes out, redressing the window for winter, and thinking ‘have we got our slippers out, and are we ready for it?’,’’ she said.

‘’It’s about embracing energy efficiency as a cultural shift.’’


Simon Benson:

To heat or to eat.

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