Recent Energy and Environmental News – 12th June 2012

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr. ~

There is a development going on in North Carolina that could be an international game-changer against the whole environmental movement. This is an outline. There will be more to report in the next issue.

In a recent newsletter I alerted you to the dishonest report made by the Guardian of our citizen’s DC meeting — which was then picked up by some twenty other sites. To their credit, one of these, TreeHugger, subsequently took the time to look into the story. They then published a new retraction article saying it was a false alarm.

In the last issue I recommend an article “Getting Even on Reliability”. Unfortunately WSJ articles are sometimes behind a paywall. Here is the article reprinted elsewhere.

More reports about greed energy economics:

A fine letter against the PTC.

Even wind executive doesn’t want PTC.

Wind Energy is Not a Silver Bullet.

All Green Thumbs.

US sets duties up to 26% for China made wind towers.

Bribe Residents to Accept Turbines.

A significant analysis that shows wind turbine performance decreasing every year. The economics of this have yet to be calculated.

$257 Billion spent last year on renewables. [Note this is the direct investment, and is nowhere near the indirect costs.]

More reports about turbine health matters:

Wind Turbine Acoustic Pollution Assessment Requirements.

A Consensus to Harm Citizens.

More reports about turbine wildlife matters:

A fine editorial about birds and eagles vs turbines.

Miscellaneous energy reports:

A really good book about the flawed DOE wind study.

The US House Oversight and Government Reform Committee issues an interesting report on the current administrations energy policies.

Green Energy Failing at the Expense of Natural Gas.

Gas rebranded as Green.

Shale Gas Boom helps Slash US Emissions.

Wind energy may not reduce CO2 as much as expected.

Seriously Sierra Club?

Battery Hype.

A good post about the AWEA meeting.

Blowing Smoke about wind energy.

Going Green is Pie in the Sky.

A favorable development in a Maine lawsuit.

Enormous environmental damage from solar.

An interesting/problematic court decision on nuclear waste.

A good discussion of Crony Capitalism.

Some recent global warming articles of interest —

Greenland glaciers melting faster in 1930s?

Rationale for Carbon Tax is Failing.

Ocean Acidification.

It’s About Freedom.

If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Shrink ‘em.

President Obama’s most important 2nd Term Goal: Climate Change

UN organization wants immunity against malfeasance.

Some other recent articles of general interest —

An interesting map of all of the US tornadoes in the last 56 years.

EPA’s Unethical Air Pollution Experiments.

Congressional testimony against new EPA rules.

A good review of the Watermelons book.

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