How Wisconsin and Alabama Just Helped Save the World

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By James Delingpole ~

From my poolside in Puglia I was going to do you an amusing post about The Archers. I expect it would have been very funny. But sadly we shall never know. That’s because I want instead to draw your attention to two important stories from the US which, I suspect, will have far greater impact on the world than even Nigel Pargeter’s murder (by politically correct BBC harridans) ever did.

I refer to Governor Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin and an equally important but perhaps less well-publicized victory won in the Alabama house and senate over the UN’s malign and insidious Agenda 21.

Walker’s victory has been thoroughly and expertly analyzed by my estimable colleague Tim Stanley. For the benefit of those readers who a) find US politics remote, weird or dull and/or b) think Walker was one of the Brothers responsible for The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More before going a bit weird on his solo albums, I’d just like to reiterate that this is a story of significance to all of us.

The Wisconsin result mattered because it was a show-down between the entrenched statism of the Left and the free market, small government values of the Tea Party. Walker’s victory was by no means a foregone conclusion: that’s what was so nerve-wracking about it for those of us who believe that the economies of the West are on the brink of a precipice right now; and that the reason that they are on the brink of a precipice is the direct result of governments spending more than they can afford – on welfare, on public services, on everything. So on a State-sized scale, Governor Walker was doing what all our leaders throughout the Western world should be doing (but so rarely: vide David Cameron have the balls to do): saying “Enough is enough! We cannot go on living this lie any longer.”

The repercussions will – I hope and pray – be enormous. For too long we have been told by many siren voices on the alleged Right (“detoxifying the brand”, anyone?) that socialism is now so well-entrenched that the very best any conservative administration can hope to achieve is to continue the upward trend of government spending only at a marginally smaller and less catastrophic rate than a Left-liberal administration would adopt. Wisconsin proves that this ain’t necessarily so – and, as Tim Stanley notes, will afford a tremendous shot in the arm for the Romney campaign against Obama.

Equally important is the victory won in Alabama. One of the reasons I have become so embroiled in the Climate Wars these last few years is because I recognized early on that the once-worthy cause of environmentalism has been suborned by the international Left as a proxy issue designed to mask its real agenda: the destruction of the capitalist system; global wealth redistribution; the removal of property rights; a gradual takeover by democratically unaccountable Left-leaning bureaucrats and technocrats belonging to organizations like the United Nations and the European Union. Agenda 21 – born at the Marxist Maurice Strong’s Rio Earth Summit – is a key part of this campaign. (For more details I refer you to a particularly excellent book called in the US Watermelons , in the UK Watermelons, and in Australia Killing The Earth To Save It – whose author’s name eludes me, but it’s bloody good and highly recommended, I know that).

Until really quite recently, those us fighting this war felt badly outnumbered, much put-upon and very lonely. The Wisconsin and Alabama results show that the tide is turning. To which I, for one, say: “Hallelujah!”

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