CO2 Tax Australia – Combet’s Little Deceits To Sell The Big One

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The big lie, of course, is that this carbon tax will do a single useful thing to cut the world’s temperature. But so many claims made by the Climate Change Minister are an insult to our intelligence:

Greg Combet on Sky’s Australian Agenda yesterday:

I’M looking forward to post July 1, I can tell you, because we’re going to take it right up to Tony Abbott and hold him to account for every lie and every piece of deceit and every bit of misrepresentation he has engaged in.

Combet again yesterday:

WE can’t sit in the Asia-Pacific region and have China . . . tackling climate change and not us.

Peter van Onselen: But they’re not pricing carbon the way we are?

Combet: They’re proposing emissions trading schemes, very similar.

Greg Combet in China, April 24, Australian Financial Review:

“WE had quite lengthy discussions about coal-fired electricity generation, so these are obviously matters to be resolved within China’s decision making processes . . . I am not going to prejudge it or reflect upon the legitimacy of what is being done . . . “

The director-general at China’s Energy Research Institute, Han Wenke, told The Australian Financial Review that energy companies would not be directly included in the pilot versions of the emission trading schemes.

Shutdown, July 1. Combet yesterday:

THE whole coal industry is going to shut down from the 1st of July; that’s (Tony Abbott’s) forecast.

Tony Abbott, ABC 891 Adelaide, July 5 last year:

THE whole logic of a carbon tax, over time, is to stop using coal .

Combet yesterday:

WHAT we’re implementing, of course, is an emissions trading scheme . . . Tony Abbott’s beat up this carbon tax thing.

Julia Gillard, 7.30 on ABC, February 24 last year:

I”M happy to use the word tax.

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