Renewable Power Australia – More Waste, Thanks To The Greatest Green Scare Ever

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Typical Large Scale Rooftop Solar Installation. Image Braemac Corp.

Yet more huge waste, thanks to green politics:

THE federal government is paying 10 times its carbon price to cut greenhouse gas emissions at thousands of schools, according to a highly critical audit that warns of safety risks under the program.

Labor’s election pledge to install solar panels in every school has emerged as one of the most expensive schemes to reduce emissions, prompting the Auditor-General to question the policy’s cost and value for money…

While Labor’s carbon tax will cost $23 for every tonne of emissions, the Solar Schools program will cost about $284 per tonne in an estimate that is likely to understate the “considerable” cost of the scheme, the audit concludes.

Cost of this useless project: $215 million.

The latest excuse for this squandering of public money? Here’s parliamentary secretary Mark Dreyfus:

The National Solar Schools Programs has been designed with the broader aim of educating students and the wider community on energy generation, renewable energy, energy efficiency to save money, and managing water resources…

Well, if this was actually meant as a teaching moment, then let the lesson be taught clearly: see, kids, how easy it is to waste hundreds of millions of dollars on a green dream?

But is that the lesson that’s actually being taught, do you think?


All that expense – to make zero difference to global warming:

THE Australian Capital Territory has quantified the real-world effect of the carbon tax, warning it, along with a general rise in power prices, will account for a $460-a-year increase in the cost of living for a typical family.

But as the federal opposition seized on the figure as evidence that the Gillard government was “in denial” about the effects of the tax, Climate Change Minister Greg Combet indicated it was in line with the commonwealth Treasury’s modelling.

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